Exploring the Sawtooths - A Comprehensive Guide: Raves and Reviews.
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"Based on your previously published stellar work I had very high expectations for your new Exploring the Sawtooths guidebook and you managed to exceed them. This is now the MUST HAVE guidebook for all casual and serious adventurers planning to spend a few hours, a few days, or an extended trip in the Sawtooths.

The route descriptions are comprehensive, accurate, and well written. The maps are highly detailed and nicely annotated. For someone like me who has spent a lifetime in the Sawtooths and to those familiar with the other popular guidebooks of the area you managed to point out many new routes and features never before covered or seen. This will become my go-to guide for planning future adventures in the area.

Perhaps one of the best and most important aspects of your new guide is what you intentionally left out of the book. The Goat Creek drainage (tributary of the South Fork of the Payette) is truly one of the most fascinating places in Idaho. Never before have I seen such an abundance of wildlife including bear, elk, deer, and wolves in one small area. Although it’s unclear to me why a trail was never built up the valley as was done in just about every other major drainage of the Sawtooths, it’s clear from my own experiences up and down the valley that very few people make the effort to climb up this canyon from Grandjean. Likewise, very few climbers and hikers who come over from the Alpine Lake or Upper Redfish Lake areas venture far beyond Warbonnet, Feather and Bead Lakes. Your decision will help keep this little oasis wild and unscarred and I commend you."

- Troy Falck

"I love the new hiking guide, Exploring the Sawtooths and have several trips planned for this summer. Finally a guide that has real maps and practical advice! I am so darn sick of reading Margaret Fuller's descriptions of the mountains as if she is trying to be Louisa May Alcott (I don't care if the ridge line looks like a dinosaur!). If Michael Kelsey can be as wildly successful as he is with all his quirky guides for southern Utah, I am sure your guide will eventually become the standard for the Sawtooths. Thank you for an excellent guide."

- Micah

Matt....Randy and I are appreciating the work you have put into both your guide books (Sun Valley and Sawtooths)....alot of thought and work went into these....thank you.

- Laurie and Randy Hermann

You did a beautiful job on that Sawtooth guidebook, Matt. Topped every other book I know of on the area in every way that counts, from durability to map quality to amount of firsthand info. I LOVE the option to pull pages and 3-ring them without destroying the guide itself, and other backpackers will too.

- Jo Deurbrouck

Exploring the Sawtooths is beautiful. Thinking of hiking in the Sawtooths? This Guide is the first step. Nice work!

- David Butterfield
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