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Exploring the Boulder-White Clouds - A Comprehensive Guide is hot off the press. It is the third hiking guidebook by Matt Leidecker and completes the coverage of the entire SNRA as well as the three brand new Wilderness areas designated in August, 2015.

Waterproof Paper: Like all of Idaho River Publication guidebooks, Exploring the Boulder-White Clouds is printed on bombproof waterproof YUPO paper.

Research: Matt conducted research for the guidebook during the summer of 2014 with the intent of publishing in 2015. He covered 527 miles on foot and mountain bike over 50 days in 2014. When it became apparent that a potential decision about Wilderness/National Monument was pending in 2015, Leidecker delayed publication until June 2016.

Trail Descriptions: Similar to the Sun Valley and Sawtooth guidebooks, each trail includes a “Title Box” with vital statistics, “Directions” to the trailhead (from downtown Stanley) and a “Highlight and Info” section describing what hikers will experience on the trail. A specific “Description” based on a thorough understanding of the surrounding landscape will succinctly guide readers to their destination.

Mountain Biking: Though mountain bikers lost access to some marquis trails with the Wilderness designation in 2015, there is still some fantastic biking in the Boulder-White Clouds. The “General Info” section describes the mountain biking potential and lists several of the more popular rides. The “Highlight and Info” section for each trail describes the mountain biking opportunities.

Off-Trail Scrambling: The Boulder-White Cloud Guidebook is a great resource for anyone planning a peak climb or other off-trail adventure. Off-trail routes are marked on the maps with a blue dashed line with the specific “Class” rating. Where appropriate, more detailed information about off-trail scrambling is included in the “Highlights and Info” sections.

Technical Climbing: While technical climbing is limited in the Boulder-White Clouds, the guidebook has plenty of useful information for climbers. Specific descriptions about technical climbing are included in the “Highlights and Info” sections. Yellow dashed lines on the maps indicate walls or ridges with potential for technical climbing.

Geology: While a thorough background of the geologic history of central Idaho was covered in Exploring Sun Valley, the Boulder-White Clouds have their own unique geologic phenomenon. An original geologic map of the area identifies all of the major rock units in the range and includes a brief description of each. In addition, some of the major structural features and glacial history of the Boulder-White Clouds are discussed.

Wildflowers: The back of the guidebook contains more than 60 photographs of the most common wildflowers. Organized by color, the photos include a brief description of each species making identification in the field a snap!

Exploring the Boulder-White Clouds is easily the most comprehensive guidebook to these stunning mountains. Whether out for a multi-day backpack (there are several route suggestions included) or just a day-hike to a beautiful alpine lake, the pages of this guidebook will help make the most of your time in the mountains.

Book Stats:Includes:
Size: 6" x 11"
Pages: 128
Binding: Spiral Coil
Weight: 13 oz
Retail Price: $30
Wholesale Price: $18
• 127 individual hikes
• Regional Overview Map
• 30 full-color 7.5 minute topo maps
• Mountain bike info
• Scrambling and climbing info
• Geology information
• Wildflower identification
• 145 stunning photographs
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