Middle Fork of the Salmon River - A Comprehensive Guide: Raves and Reviews.
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I just wanted to say we purchased Matt's Middle Fork Salmon guidebook for our trip last year and it is absolutely fantastic. Hands down one of the most informative and well laid out guide books for this particular run or any other river I've seen out there. I'm sure his book on the Rouge will be equally valuable.

- Unknown

I recently had the opportunity to see the Middle Fork and to revel in all it’s glory. The trip was incredible, the chance of a lifetime. I’m writing to say that your guide book really enhanced my experience. It supplemented the guide’s info and was a tremendous asset to the trip. Thank you for creating such a great guidebook.

- Brigid

Matt Leidecker's book "Middle Fork of the Salmon, a Comprehensive Guide" is the best Middle Fork guide available, in my judgment. It's beautifully illustrated, and will be lots of fun to study in anticipation of the trip.

- Ralph C. Pond

I too heartily endorse ML's book. Very comprehensive. Besides all the river stuff folks will suggest, I recommend trying to do some hikes to get up off the river. A couple thousand feet of vertical and its just a whole new perspective on the river corridor. Tons of opportunities, trail or otherwise. I really enjoyed a hike a few miles up Marble Creek last October, or anywhere in Impassable that gets you up above the lower confines. ML has lots of good info...just watch his "class 3" routes!

- Ted

Where would we all be without your guidebooks??? Probably stuck in a hole or floating down the river capsized. Great work, you are the man!"

- Bill Klingler

we had very few folks who had done the middle fork before, so this guide was a crucial bit for each boat to have open all the time while we were on the water. We'd have certainly floated past camps without it. great whitewater descriptions too.

- Jim

Matt Leidecker has written a very fine guide to the Middle Fork of the Salmon. The maps are informative and the rapid descriptions and recommended runs at different water levels are truly useful. He's presented the geologic history of the region in three time lines, each more concentrated than the last, and has detailed the evidence of natural dams, glacial intrusions, and flash floods that can be seen today. He has also recommended many seldom done hikes throughout the canyon.

- Amazon Review

Great book, we really appreciated having up to date information for our trip last week. You were spot on with the “SNR” hole in Tappen Falls – we saw a boat get trapped in there with its two occupants still on board for several minutes before finally flipping. The flow was just under four feet at the time. We had just reviewed your diagram of the rapid before running it, so we were able to avoid a similar fate! Thanks for your efforts in getting the pre-release copy to me before our launch.

- Dale Van Valkenburg

Always take your book with me as always has answers to things I want to know. Thanks

- Bruce Hayes

The pre-trip prep is almost done and I couldn't be more excited to run the Middle. Your book has been an incredible resource. Thanks for all the time you've put into it!

- John T Wagner
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