Impassable Canyon - Journey Down the Middle Fork of the Salmo River: Raves and Reviews
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"I have just completed my fourth journey through your book and each journey lasts longer and longer. Each time through there develops a deeper reluctance to turn the page and let go. You did a fantastic job. The pictures and the prose are a beautiful testimony to that which you hold so sacred. What is most beautiful, however, is your obvious love of a way of life and the place to live it."

- Denny Boland

Impassable Canyon is a treasure full of incredible photography and information that I will be sharing for many more years around the campfire on a favorite river. Thanks for sharing your talents with the world.

- Ted Haney

I am writing now to congratulate you on your magnificent offering to the river world. Lovers of the Middle Fork have been waiting for decades for a book of this caliber! You have done a beautiful job.

-Joe Daley- ECHO Wilderness River Trips
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